The Problem

Today, we have many digital assets that we keep track of. Unfortunately, it means we have many different places to store that information. When we need to find our favorite home video, photo, word document, web site or news item, we have to first think about what type of information we're looking for before we know where to start looking.

In each system (email client, rss reader, web browser, file system), we have to replicate our organizational structure.

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The Solution

A universal solution, one place to store all of your content. Now, you can store your information by topic, contact or anything you'd like.

For example, let's say you like Disney World (who doesn't) and you visit it often. With Universal Inbox, you can create a folder called Disney and store your pictures from the trip, the driving directions to your favorite restaurant, phone numbers and contact information for the nearby hotels, as well as weather and traffic information.

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